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They call her Spirit. She is a successful, down to earth woman in Houston, TX by way of New Jersey. She has taken on the city of Houston head on with her East Coast Flavor.


Spirit stands for exactly what she represents. A confident, outgoing entrepreneur/model coach/motivational speaker who continues to shine within the industry. She is a chic, educated business accountant by day and a fashion mogul by night. 


Spirit currently holds her BS in Accounting and has worked in the industry for over 10 years. She currently serves as a Senior Accountant in the Tech Space for a company that caters to providing Marketing Software/Services for Non-Profits fighting Long-Term Illnesses.  Spirit is currently the Houston Area Urban League of Young Professionals Professional Development Chair. She has been a YP member since 2019 and previously served as the Los Angeles Urban League of Young Professionals Professional Development Chair for over 2 years. She is also a 2 time Amazon Best Selling author of the Boss Babes Who Pray series with books including "She Doesn't Pray Fair" and "Exposing the Lie of the Enemy". 


Spirit is the founder of BeiN Xposed LLC and the Elite Nature brand. She is all about building people up from the inside/out and tapping into their Elite Nature. Spirit helps develop peoples talents and connects them to people that will further develop or help their vision come to life. This fashionista has a heart of gold and has already begun to put her mark in the nation. She is all about operating in excellence and after working with her you will never forget the one and only Spirit.

Spirit is also a Motivational author. To purchase her books please click the links below.

Contact Information

P: 818-860-8829

E: spirit@beinxposed.com