Our mission is to "eXPOSE" and develop models with an “entrepreneur spirit” in the fashion & art industry. 

We also want to create the most socially innovative events that society will never forget. 



Our vision is to transform  models to be the best talent and professionals in the nation. We focus on taking their current skillset and enhancing them to the next level.


We want everyone to be fully equipped with the necessary knowledge and abilities to successfully conquer their field. We want to groom them from Aspiring to ELITE which will ultimately change their lives. Enhancing our students 

through social interaction with our training techniques in this socially driven nation.

For our fashion and art productions the goal is always to create unforgettable experiences. We want to produce excellence in all  of our endeavors. Whether we are booked as the fashion show coordinator or if we execute the entire production of an event, we want to leave our audience with the "Wow" effect.