Class? You need it, we TEACH it!

Social Skills? You got it, we ENHANCE it! 

Presence? Learn how to COMMAND it! 


If these things spark your interest the BeiN Xposed Social Etiquette Program is for YOU. This is a program that is a LIFE ENHANCEMENT for ALL ages and ALL walks of life. 


Learn how to carry yourself in ANY situation and at EVERY function. Enhance your poise and learn how to make your presence known. Prepare for formal settings and learn how to STAY READY.


Learn the differences between casual,  formal, & everything inbetween. Take your CONFIDENCE to higher level and be a better version of you. Learn and understand how to communicate properly through all forms. Effective communication is VITAL in all areas of life! 


Please email: for more information about our rates or upcoming sessions. 



Social Etiquette 


Group Meeting
Social Skills & Presence
Effective Communication
Dining Etiquette
Business Handshake
First Impressions
Leaving a Lasting Impression